PBX Phone Systems in Coral Springs, FL

Install a business phone system in your office

What is a PBX phone system? It’s specifically designed to handle a volume of incoming calls for commercial operations. One Touch, LLC installs various types of business phone systems for banks, call centers and other commercial clients.

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One Touch offers the following PBX hosted business phone systems

One Touch offers the following PBX hosted business phone systems


CloudNumber is a professional phone number that is easily managed trough your smartphone. Employees can personalize a business greeting and send calls to you or your team. With the free mobile app employees can easily check voicemail or faces from any location which allows them to work from a remote location. Choose your number today and activate it instantly with a free 30 day trial.

Features of CloudNumber:

  • Choose the right number for your business
  • Make a great first impression on every call 
  • Stay connected anywhere you go


Tired of all the complicated setup and wiring, hardware, long contracts, and the poor customer support? Look no further, the CloudPhone hosted by the PBX System allows for easy setup, unlimited calling, great customer service, and excellent customer services starting from only $29.95 per month per phone.

Features of CloudPhone:
  • Plug- and- play setup backed by quality support
  • Contract free 
  • Unlimited calling


The CloudPBX system does not require hardware, phones are professionally installed, configured, and supported by a local partner such as One Touch. This system allows for employees to work remotely without any issues regarding incoming or outbound calls.

Features of CloudPBX:
  • Unlimited calls
  • Superior voice quality
  • Reliable service