Home Automation in Coral Springs, FL

Install Smart Home Systems in Your Home

Would you like to control your home systems using your smart devices? Call on One Touch, LLC to install a home automation system in your house. We can install a system that will allow you to operate your thermostat, lights and speaker system with just a few clicks.

A high-tech automation system can help you reduce energy waste and lower your electrical bills. Call today to schedule the installation of your smart home system in Coral Springs, FL.

3 key benefits of home automation

3 key benefits of home automation

Consider installing a smart home system in your space to:

  1. Manage a home theater from your smartphone.
  2. Dim or turn off the lights from anywhere in your house.
  3. Control security cameras inside and outside the house.

You can even set your home automation system on a schedule so that the settings of your lights and thermostat will change at different times of the day.

For more information about home automation systems in Coral Springs, FL, call 754-900-8400.